GCCCE 2018 Teachers  Forum Call For Papers

Innovation-driven development has become China’s national strategy. From “Innovation for Education” to “Education for Innovation” is the main theme of the 22nd Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education, which will be held from May 25 to May 28, 2018 (GCCCE 2018). These themes will be deeply discussed and explored at the Teachers’ Forum.

Technologies for education have changed dramatically and impacted school instruction intensely. However, experiences and lessons of technology-integration need to be reviewed and examined. Teachers need to learn from each other and exchange ideas in term of technology-integration. This consortium/forum is a platform for teachers to communicate, examine, and discuss the effective applications of technologies in school education and the professional development of teachers. The presentations and discussions in this consortium/forum will reflect the most recent scholarly research in school education and the practical experiences and studies of schoolteachers.

The topics in this consortium will be, but not limited to, the following:

  • Policies in education for innovation

  • Curriculum reform for education for innovation

  • Learning environment for education for innovation

  • Teaching analytics and student development

  • Teachers’ professional development

  • Game-based learning

  • STEM education and cross-disciplinary curriculum integration

  • Maker education and education for innovation


Paper Submission:

Authors are required to write papers in Chinese or English (eight pages for full-paper; four pages for short; two pages for posters). Chinese and English titles, abstract and keywords are required.

Authors are required to submit papers in Word format using Microsoft ™ Office Software by referring to the template provided by the conference.

Authors are required to submit papers by e-mailing local program committee membersor to gccce2018@126.com.

Papers submitted to the forum will be recommended to the Global Chinese Journal of Computer Application (GCJCE) , International Journal on Digital Learning Technology (http://www.ijdlt.org) and English journals (International Journal of Smart Technology and Learning).

Important Dates

Deadline of paper submission due: March 5, 2018  March 20, 2018

Notification of acceptance:       March 30, 2018

Deadline of final version due:      April 15, 2018


Executive Chairperson for Teachers’ Forum

Zhang, Xinhua        South China Normal University

Executive Vice-Chairperson for Teachers’ Forum

Song, Yanjie         The Education University of Hong Kong

Wen, Yun              Singapore Centre for Chinese Language

Lin, Chiu-Pin        Hsinchu University of Education

Program committee members

Shang, Junjie              Peking University

Wu, Juan                    Beijing Normal University

Fu, Qian                     Beijing Normal University

Zhao, Guoqing           Beijing Normal University

Zhu, Yonghai             Capital Normal University

Qiao, Fengtian           Capital Normal University

Jiang, Yu                   National Center for Educational Technology

Wang, Zhuli               Sun Yat-sen University

Jiao, Jianli                  South China Normal University

Chen, Pinde                South China Normal University

Qian, Yangyi              South China Normal University

Zhang, Yichun           Nanjing Normal University

Chen, Min                  Central China Normal University

Ge, Wenshang            Shaanxi Normal University

Fang, Xu                     Lanzhou University

Liang, Linmei             Henan University

Ma, Chizhu                 Shandong Normal University

Liu, Xinyang               Shandong Normal University

Deng, Guomin            Guiyang University

Qu, Qianmei               Zhejiang Open University

Gaowei Chen              Hong Kong University

Kwok Shing Cheng    The Education University of Hong Kong

Stanley Kam               Hong Kong Computer Association

Chiung-Hui Chiu        Taiwan Normal University

Hsiao-Shen Wang       Taichung University

Ming-Chou Liu           Dong Hwa University

Ah-Fur Lai                  University of Taipei

Feng Lin                      University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Shenglan Zhang          Iowa State University, USA

Naxin Zhao                 University of Toronto, Canada

Limei Zhang               Singapore Centre for Chinese Language

Yuhhuann Tan            Ministry of Education, Singapore

Cai, Jiandong             The Affiliated High School of Henan University

Long, Haiping            Yingyue Middle School, Foshan, Guangdong Province

Kuang, Jiaming          Yunshan primary school, Guangzhou

Zeng, Lihong              Tiyudong Road primary school, Guangzhou