Sub-conference C5:

Teacher Professional Development and Education Policy


The rapid advancements of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offer unique affordances to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom. However, such reform is dependent on teachers’ capacities to integrate ICT, which is in turn dependent on teacher professional development. In addition, education policies and school leaderships shape the larger context of ICT integration and are thus important considerations that should not be ignored. This sub-conference aims to promote research in these areas and the intersection between technology, professional development and policies. Through contributions made by the conference participants, we hope to derive new perspectives and research directions that could further alleviate the development of ICT integration.


The scope of papers will cover but not be limited to:

1)      Key concerns for teacher professional development for promoting technology transformed learning

2)      Effective ways of teacher professional development for promoting technology transformed learning

3)      Technological innovations for teacher professional development

4)      Planning of policy on technology transformed learning

5)      Initiatives of policy on technology transformed learning

6)      Analysis of policy on technology transformed learning 


Paper submission:

Full manuscripts shall be submitted to the conference for review. Abstract submissions will NOT be accepted. This conference uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. Please kindly note that when authors submit papers for review, the authors’ information has to be blinded in the title, the contents, and the reference part. After the paper is being accepted, the author information will be displayed in the final version of the submitted paper.

1)   Authors should prepare submissions either in English or in Chinese (Long paper: 8 pages; Short paper: 4 pages; Poster: 2 pages). Submissions written in Chinese should include the title, abstract and keywords written in both Chinese and English.

2)   Authors should submit papers with PDF format. Please make use of the paper template for preparing submissions.

3)  Authors should make submissions by uploading papers onto the Submission System of the conference (


Executive Chair of the sub-conference:

Lau,   Wilfred W.F.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Co-Chairs of the sub-Conference(listed in alphabetic order of surnames):

Cheng, Gary

The Education University of Hong Kong

Liang,   Jyh-Chong

Taiwan Normal University

Wong, Gary   K.W.

The University of Hong Kong


Program committee members (listed in alphabetic order of surnames):

Chan, To

The Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong

Chen, Guang

Beijing Normal  University

Cheng,   Kun-Hung

Chiao Tung University

Chiu, Yen-Lin

Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Choy, Doris

Nanyang Technological University

Chui, Hin   Leung Mike

The  Education University of Hong Kong

Hong,   Huang-Yao

Chengchi University

Hsu,   Chung-Yuan

Pingtung  university of science and technology

Hung, Hing   Keung Vincent

The Education University of Hong Kong

Lee, Wei Ching       

Nanyang Technological University

Liaw,   Shu-Sheng

China Medical University

Lin,   Chia-Ching

Kaohsiung Normal University

Lin, Tzu-Bin

Taiwan Normal University

Lin,   Tzu-Chiang Angelo 

Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

Lin, Tzung-Jin

Taiwan Normal University

Ma, ZhiQiang

Jiangnan university

Sang, Guo-Yuan

Beijing Normal University

Song, Yanjie

The  Education University of Hong Kong

Wei, Chun-Wang

Kaohsiung Medical University

Wu, Jing

Nanyang Technological University

Wu, Xiaomeng

Peking Univeristy

Yeung, Yau   Yuen

The Education University of Hong Kong

Yu, Yuen Tak

City University of Hong Kong