Sub-conference C3:

Joyful Learning and Society


Joyful learning becomes an important research field when researchers believe enjoyable experience and learning promote information processing and memory storage. With the development of the technology, government, academy, and industry apply computer techniques to build joyful learning environment. For example, Microsoft released the educational edition of Minecraft in 2016 for educators designing materials; students can use the in-game camera or scrapbook designed for the educational edition to work their assignments in the virtual world.


Although joyful learning makes big difference in education, it still faces many issues that need to be solved. The sub-conference is interested in exploring how to motivate students in learning though game. We are also curious about how to design learning activities that enhance students’ collaborative, problem solving, or critical thinking skills. We, of course, are looking for research that understands how students’ learning processes in joyful learning environment affect their behavior and performance. Any other topics about games in education and joyful learning are also welcome.


This sub-conference invites people from all fields who are interested in learning with games. Business communities are most welcome, as the dialogue among researchers, educators and industry will foster the use of games for education.


The scope of papers will cover but not be limited to:

1)    Theories on joyful learning and learning with games in general

2)    Design of learning activities (for joyful learning, collaboration, citizenship and others)

3)    Advanced joyful learning technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, personalization, adaptive system, cross-platform gaming mechanism, augmented reality, etc.)

4)    Design, development and application of joyful learning

5)    Comparison of joyful learning vs traditional schooling

6)    Effectiveness of joyful learning and its processes

7)    Joyful learning and education innovation

8)    Joyful learning and high-order skills (problem-solving skills, creativity, et.)

9)    Joyful learning, social and culture

10) Joyful learning and adolescent development

11) Successful cases of joyful learning

12) Difficulty and obstacles that joyful learning research encounter


Paper submission:

Full manuscripts shall be submitted to the conference for review. Abstract submissions will NOT be accepted. This conference uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. Please kindly note that when authors submit papers for review, the authors’ information has to be blinded in the title, the contents, and the reference part. After the paper is being accepted, the author information will be displayed in the final version of the submitted paper.

1)  Authors should prepare submissions either in English or in Chinese (Long paper: 8 pages; Short paper: 4 pages; Poster: 2 pages). Submissions written in Chinese should include the title, abstract and keywords written in both Chinese and English.

2)  Authors should submit papers with PDF format. Please make use of the paper template for preparing submissions.

3)  Authors should make submissions by uploading papers onto the Submission System of the conference (


Executive Chair of the sub-conference:

Kuo, Rita

New Mexico   Institute of Mining and Technology (USA)


Co-Chairs of the sub-Conference(listed in alphabetic order of surnames):

Chen, Zhi-Hong

Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Li, Baoping

Beijing   Normal University (China)


Program committee members (listed in alphabetic order of surnames):

Bai, Qingyu

Central   China Normal University (China)

Chang,   Li-Chieh

Central University (Taiwan)

Chang,   Wan-Chen

Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Chao, Po-Yao

Yuan Ze   University (Taiwan)

Chen, Ming-Puu

Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Chen, Weichao

University  of Virginia (USA)

Cheng, Hercy   N. H.

Central   China Normal University (China)

Cheng,   Mengmeng

Hangzhou   Normal University (China)

Chien,   Tzu-Chao

Central University (Taiwan)

Chou,   Chih-Yueh

Yuan   Ze University (Taiwan)

Chuang,   Tsung-Yen

University of Tainan (Taiwan)

Gu, Hanjie

Zhejiang   Shuren University (China)

Heh, Jia-Sheng

Chung   Yuan Christian University (Taiwan)

Hsu,   Chung-Yuan

Pingtung University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

Hsu, Yu-chen

Tsing   Hua University (Taiwan)

Hsu, Yu-jen

Chiayi University (Taiwan)

Hu, Xiaoqiang

Jiangxi   Science & Technology Normal University (China)

Huang, Iwen

University of Tainan (Taiwan)

Huang, Lu

Zhejiang Shuren   University (China)

Huang,   Shu-Hsien

University of Tainan (Taiwan)

Jia, Jiyou

Peking   University (China)

Jiang, Yu

Center for Educational Technology (China)

Koong,   Chorng-Shiuh

Taichung University of Education (Taiwan)

Lao, Chan-Chio

The  Education University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Lee, Lung-Hao

Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Leng, Jing

East   China Normal University (China)

Liao, Calvin   C.Y.

Central University (Taiwan)

Li, Liang-Yi

Central University (Taiwan)

Lin,   Chang-Hsin

University of Tainan (Taiwan)

Lu, Fang-Chen

Central University (Taiwan)

Ma, Hong luang

Shaanxi Normal   University (China)

Ming-Fong Jan

Central University (Taiwan)

Meng Wang, University of Washington

Ou, Kuo-Liang

Hsin-Chu University of Education (Taiwan)

Ou Yang,   Fang-Chuan

Chien   Hsin University of Science and Technlogy (Taiwan)

Shen, Chun-Yi

Tamkang   University (Taiwan)

Sun, Jianwen

Central   China Normal University (China)

Wang, Dai-Yi

Providence   University (Taiwan)

Wang,   Hsiao-Shen

Taichung University of Education (Taiwan)

Wang, Meng

Central   China Normal University (China)

Wang, Yi-Hsuan

Tamkang   University (China)

Wei, Ting

Nanjing   Xiaozhuang University (China)

Yang,   Chih-Chieh

Southern   Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

Young, Shelley   Shwu-Ching

Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)

Ying-Feng Ma

Shaanxi Normal University

Zhang, Lishan

Beijing   Normal University (China)

Zhan, Qinglong

Tianjin   University of Technology and Education (China)

Zhang, Sujing

Zhejiang   Normal University (China)